Name Translation Part of Speech
-betu towards (suffix) temp
-bʉkwʉ̠ you two (suffix) for commands temp
-bʉnitʉ shows on-going action (suffix) temp
-bʉnʉ on the other hand (suffix) temp
-nai suffix from or to temp
-napʉ suffix used to refer to deceased persons temp
-tsi diminitive; expression of endearment (suffix) temp
aa horn N
aa animal horn N
aama underarm to waist, side of chest N
aama / ama / ama̠ arm N
aatakii / aatamuu / kuʔtaraa / huʔararaa grasshopper N
aawo / awo cup, container N
aawo punitʉ̠ skull; frail looking temp
aawʉtama̠ braid (man's braid) N