Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
Charlie Sanapaw (audio) naqs taeh netaenaenehtan, yos new pas nawac wawekimak Saenom I hope, I think Jerome is going to live with me Hopefully Jerome will live with me for a while
Numbers (audio) akēcekanan Numbers
Numbers (audio) nekot one
Numbers (audio) nīs two
Numbers (audio) naeqniw three
Numbers (audio) nōhekan 7
Numbers (audio) sarkāēw 9
Numbers (audio) metartar 10
Numbers (audio) metātah nekot-enēh eleven
AAS Menominee vocabulary (written) Na ton na, ne ta man co noun we I press him with my mouth Netōneh, ne____
AAS Menominee vocabulary (written) Na ton na ne ta man co nun I press it with my mouth Netōneh, ne____
Numbers (audio) metahtah sāhkaew eneh 19
Numbers (audio) nīsinoh metātah nekot-enēh twenty-one
Charlie Sanapaw (audio) Sakanah nepuah enes w?qsakaesewikamekoh at the hospital and will pass on soon
Charlie Sanapaw (audio) ma?e?mik taeh new wa?q wa?e?wa?e?nen neta?e?na?ew Sa?e?no?m surely I should be thankful I have Jerome