Form Source Language Translation
ac8ipa8arintchiki manet8aki Largillier Miami-Illinois &lsquo
ac8issen8i atta8ane Largillier Miami-Illinois arbre plain de noeuds
ac8issen8i mi8i Largillier Miami-Illinois chemin difficile
aca8iaki8nghi Largillier Miami-Illinois ground, land full of thorns
aca8itehe8a LeBoullenger Miami-Illinois il a manqué son coup
acansepacana Pinet Miami-Illinois noix petites longues
achaacantac8e LeBoullenger Miami-Illinois pilon
acike·wi Goddard1994 Meskwaki it drips out, leaks out
ag8amite8i LeBoullenger Miami-Illinois il fait grand chaud
agaaming Nichols & Nyholm (1995) Ojibwe on the other side of the lake
agissaï Largillier Miami-Illinois nest
agissaï Largillier Miami-Illinois nest
agonjidoo- Nichols & Nyholm (1995) Ojibwe soak it
agoodood Nichols & Nyholm (1995) Ojibwe he hangs it
ahki Goddard & Thomason (2014) Meskwaki land, ground, earth