ahsenaamišipoohkii- (No-object Verb) Collect Sap, Go Sugaring

Basic Forms
Myaamia English
eehsenaamišipoohkiaani I go collect sap
eehsenaamišipoohkiaanki we (excl.) go collect sap
eehsenaamišipoohkiiyankwi we (incl.) go collect sap
eehsenaamišipoohkiiyani you go collect sap
eehsenaamišipoohkiiyiikwi you (pl.) collect sap
eehsenaamišipoohkiici he / she goes to collect sap
eehsenaamišipoohkiiwaaci they go collect sap

Command Forms
Myaamia English
ahsenaamišipoohkiilo collect sap!
ahsenaamišipoohkiiko you (pl.) collect sap!
ahsenaamišipoohkiitaawi let's collect sap!

Example Sentences
Myaamia English
neepiwiki ahsenaamiša. ahsenaamišipoohkiitaawi The trees are full of sap. Let's collect maple sap!
aalahkwahki eehsenaamišipoohkiiwaaci They gather maple sap on a cloudy day

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