peemineeta kiilhswa ( Moon phases

Basic Forms
Myaamia English
keešaakosita kiilhswa waxing phase, the moon is growing larger
peemineeta kiilhswa waning phase, the moon is going along dying
saakiwa kiilhswa the new moon, the moon has sprouted
napale kiilhswa first quarter phase, half moon
naawi waawiyiisita kiilhswa waxing gibbous moon, it is almost a full moon
waawiyiisita kiilhswa a full moon
kiinte waawiyiisita kiilhswa waning gibbous moon, it was just a full moon
napale neepiki kiilhswa last quarter phase, the moon is half dead
myaalisita kiilhswa waning crescent phase (only a sliver left), the moon is very ill
waakhšinka kiilhswa crescent moon

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