ešinaakosi- (No-object Verb) Be a certain way

Basic Forms
Myaamia English
iišinaakosiaani I am a certain way
iišinaakosiaanki We (excl.) are a certain way
iišinaakosiyankwi We (incl.) are a certain way
iišinaakosiyani You are a certain way
iišinaakosiyiikwi You (pl.) are a certain way
iišinaakosici He / She is a certain way
iišinaakosiwaaci They are a certain way

Example Sentences
Myaamia English
niiši iišinaakosiaani That's what I'm like
kakapaaci iišinaakosiyankwi We are diverse
taaniši iišinaakosiyani How are you feeling?
keetwi iišinaakosiwaaci What's the matter with them?

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