aloohwiton- (No-object Verb) To point with mouth

Basic Forms
Myaamia English
eeloohwitonaani I point with my mouth
eeloohwitonaanki We (excl) point with our mouths
eeloohwitonankwi We (incl) point with our mouths
eeloohwitonani You point with your mouth
eeloohwitoneekwi You (pl) point with your mouths
eeloohwitonki He/she points with his/her mouth
eeloohwitonoowaaci They point with their mouths

Command Forms
Myaamia English
aloohwitonto You (sg) point with your mouth!
aloohwitonooko You (pl) point with your mouths!
aloohwitontaawi Let's point with our mouths!

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