Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
Gatschet (236) (written) äkwi=näkaná-iki angle, corner
Gatschet (236) (written) äkwi=näkana-íkia pl. (angles, corners)
Gatschet (236) (written) níwi äkwi=näkánaigi four-cornered as a house, or room
Gatschet (236) (written)
Gatschet (236) (written) Atchipûngwia halatukákani story of the snapping-turtle, 395
Gatschet (236) (written) Papangámwa halatukákani the tale of the fox, 397
Gatschet (236) (written) Wiláktwa' story, 401
Gatschet (236) (written) Wápanswa or the Rabbit, 406–409
Gatschet (236) (written) Eyälia or the Opossum, 409–410
Gatschet (236) (written) Young antelope, a mythic narrative of the Isleta Indians, New Mex., translated by Fr. Beaver into Peoria. Also entitled the Race of the Hawk and the Antelope, 73–75, 78–80
Gatschet (236) (written) Tchingwäⁿsá or Young Thunder; I. Biographic notice by Frank Beaver, 60–64; II Biographic notice on the same by Geo. W. Finley; 64–