Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
Gatschet (236) (written) -kaki
Gatschet (236) (written) kitchipikwia water spider
Gatschet (236) (written) -kwiaki
Gatschet (236) (written) wílthäpikwa horse-hair, ??
Gatschet (236) (written) -kwáki pl. (horsehairs)
Gatschet (236) (written) wapitíata antelope
Gatschet (236) (written) -tchiki
Gatschet (236) (written) sákgwá badger
Gatschet (236) (written) sák’kuki pl. (badgers)
Gatschet (236) (written) nishulyaxkwákan forked stick, used for tenting in Peoria
Gatschet (236) (written) paⁿzhá-i pole for wigwams, standing
Gatschet (236) (written) paⁿzhayá pl. (poles for wigwams, standing)
Gatschet (236) (written) shipekakanákwe tent-peg to fasten the tent to the ground
Gatschet (236) (written) papakáhakan stick used when washing blankets to beat the dirt out of them
Gatschet (236) (written) kíkwa aboriginal drum, made of an iron or metallic kettle—buckskin was put over it and stretched while wet