Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
Michelson (written) wendámᴀwâka‘ I informed him, her (participial really: hence vowel change)
Michelson (written) niwindᴀmawấ I informed him, her
Michelson (written) pyāté if he comes
Michelson (written) pyāwāté if they come
Michelson (written) pyā‘kidtcé let him come (= Fox pot subj.)
Michelson (written) pyādtcé let him come (= Fox pyā́dtcé)
Michelson (written) pyā‘kāníⁿ you must have come (Fox pot. sub.)
Michelson (written) nimbī́la‘ I brought him
Michelson (written) pīläwáⁿ he brought him
Michelson (written) pī́läwa‘ chicken
Michelson (written) kutcimí ask him
Michelson (written) tᴀ‘cipyä́wa‘ he is coming this way ([added later] this an error)
Michelson (written) tᴀ‘cipíwa‘ he is coming this way (last said to be better by Finley)([is real Peoria. T.M.])
Michelson (written) niñgīji‘tṓ‘ I made it
Michelson (written) kä‘ci‘tṓka‘ he made it (participial)