Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
Dunn (OK) (written) mä-cĭ-cá-kĭan I am naked
Dunn (OK) (written) no-kang soft (inan)
Dunn (OK) (written) no-ke-lät (soft) (an.)
Dunn (OK) (written) o-la-ni better used for comparison where increase of quality improves a thing
Dunn (OK) (written) ma-la-mi (used for comparison where increase of quality) where it depreciates
Dunn (OK) (written) ma-la-mi wä-lĭn-wĭ-ta too fat
Dunn (OK) (written) Verbs—continued or repeated action
Dunn (OK) (written) kä-'wĕl-it he laughs
Dunn (OK) (written) kä-wĕl-kit he is always laughing
Dunn (OK) (written) pam-bal-it he walks
Dunn (OK) (written) pam-bal-kit he walks much
Dunn (OK) (written) säk-wă he cries
Dunn (OK) (written) säk-wä-kit he cries much
Dunn (OK) (written) ki-mó-tät he steals
Dunn (OK) (written) ka-ki-mó-tät he is always stealing