Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
LeBoullenger (written) tac8ni hold him tight!
Largillier (written) irini8a he is born
LeBoullenger (written) Km̅a nitesc8penata8a nihia8i I impoverish myself for God kihci-manetoowa iihkohpenatawaki niiyawi
Largillier (written) Irinita (he is born)
LeBoullenger (written) m8ns8o kiriss8o
LeBoullenger (written) nimic8itchiganena I paint the top of his head red (?) by hand
LeBoullenger (written) nic8tchiha he tries it kweecihamaani
LeBoullenger (written) nit8asca8a
LeBoullenger (written) mittec8iki8nghigi to wooded land, forested land mihtekwahkionkiši
LeBoullenger (written) tanniss8i Ki̅m̅a ataroscanemi
LeBoullenger (written) niata8i atta8anaki8nghigi let's go there to the wooded land niiyaataawi ahtawaanahkionkiši
LeBoullenger (written) nirekisca8a
LeBoullenger (written) [ninepa]8it8 I stand it up neepawihtwaani
LeBoullenger (written) kipacaramoni blue ochre ahkipakalamoni
LeBoullenger (written) nipac8ki tcheki kiminag8ki