Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
LeBoullenger (written) 8ins8a he is named, his name is weenswici
LeBoullenger (written) ichi 8ins8itchi he is called that, named thus iši weenswici
LeBoullenger (written) pimitac8ssen8i it is lying across (of a tree), footlog peemitaahkwihsenki
LeBoullenger (written) tac8ni hold him tight!
LeBoullenger (written) roskiresi8o he is not soft-hearted
LeBoullenger (written) s8ngat8 mitchi8ni
LeBoullenger (written) nitata8aki I have ears eehtawakiaani
LeBoullenger (written) nitepicane my head nintepikani
LeBoullenger (written) nita8arissi I have hair on my head eewiilihsiaani
LeBoullenger (written) nintepi my brain nintepi
LeBoullenger (written) nitatchi8i I have upper arm(s) eehciwiaani
LeBoullenger (written) nirani8i my tongue niilani
LeBoullenger (written) nitacachi I have claws, nails eehkašiaani
LeBoullenger (written) niragac8o my palate nilakahkwa
LeBoullenger (written) nitateri8i I have a shoulder, shoulders eeteliwiaani