Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
LeBoullenger (written) nipita my teeth niipita
LeBoullenger (written) nitaki8ani8i I have a nose nintahkiwani
LeBoullenger (written) nicate my foot nihkaati
LeBoullenger (written) nitaking8 I have eyes eehkiinšikwiaani
LeBoullenger (written) nicane my bone, leg nihkani
LeBoullenger (written) nicac8ane my shin nihkahkwani
LeBoullenger (written) nintehi my heart ninteehi
LeBoullenger (written) nikingi my forehead nihkinši
LeBoullenger (written) nimama8aki my eyebrows nimaamaaki
LeBoullenger (written) nimeching8eiaki my eyelids, eyelashes nimiihšiinkwaya
LeBoullenger (written) nitampicane my chin, jaw nintaampihkani
LeBoullenger (written) nimerittigama my snot, mucus nimelihtikama
LeBoullenger (written) mantesi8o she aborts, miscarries, loses her child
LeBoullenger (written) onsa8arac8i it is a yellow cloud, there are yellow clouds oonsaawaalahkwahki
LeBoullenger (written) nit8pichins8 I do not get hurt falling down toopihšinsiiwaani