Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
LeBoullenger (written) nitar8ichine I fail to get hurt aalwihšinaani
LeBoullenger (written) kipacaramoni blue ochre ahkipakalamoni
LeBoullenger (written) niata8i atta8anaki8nghigi let's go there to the wooded land niiyaataawi ahtawaanahkionkiši
LeBoullenger (written) mittec8iki8nghigi to wooded land, forested land mihtekwahkionkiši
LeBoullenger (written) peminag8sita peeminaakosita
LeBoullenger (written) kin8igane8nta napare8ntchi his leg is made long on one side (?)
LeBoullenger (written) meg8ssiki8eta one who is hunch-backed
LeBoullenger (written) nipass8ki I dry them (animate) paahswakiki
LeBoullenger (written) niparisc8ni
LeBoullenger (written) [nipass8ki niparis]enki
LeBoullenger (written) a8icaonki in their house, lodge
LeBoullenger (written) kich8gamite8i it is warm liquid
LeBoullenger (written) atchicara8ari
LeBoullenger (written) niki8ateca I dance around, do a round dance keewahtekaani
LeBoullenger (written) nichinchi8gas8 I am not strong