Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
LeBoullenger (written) ac8ic8ane his elbow awiihkwani
LeBoullenger (written) nitairegaba8i
LeBoullenger (written) tepahantans8na a8ia8i
LeBoullenger (written) nikirac8ma
LeBoullenger (written) nirica8itehema
LeBoullenger (written) nitat8sseca8a kinepic8o
LeBoullenger (written) nimic8itchiganena I paint the top of his head red (?) by hand
LeBoullenger (written) kieparamakita he who is a sucking doctor (?)
LeBoullenger (written) nipakichinag8si
LeBoullenger (written) nitekipessima
LeBoullenger (written) p8ia88o he paddles a canoe, rows a canoe
LeBoullenger (written) escaram8o he drowns eehkalaamwici
LeBoullenger (written) kitchiteri8a
LeBoullenger (written) kitapatiki
LeBoullenger (written) nimiki fort, palisade niimihki