Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
Michelson (written) mīlī́lᴀn I give to you I give you
Michelson (written) mīlīlṓ Give to me! Give thou me!
Michelson (written) mīlīkṓ Give (pl.) to me! Give ye me!
Michelson (written) mīlītᵃ‘ he gives to me he gives me
Michelson (written) nimīlikwa‘ he gives to me he gives me
Michelson (written) mīlātciki they give him they gave me (= they who give him)
Michelson (written) cikā′kwaki skunks skunks
Michelson (written) hilíndji they are told, called he was/they were told
Michelson (written) ma‘kā́täcīkā́nyaⁿ black bass Black Bass (clan name)
Michelson (written) mᴀ́‘ckukⁱ‘ Muskogee, Creek indians Creeks
Michelson (written) mīlᵉ‘kíki they give to you they gave thee (Finley later)
Michelson (written) wī´‛kwi‘sändyā́kⁱ‘ my co-husband (if two men marry the same woman [that is after she is divorced])
Michelson (written) ‘ākútiya‘ soft-shelled turtle (Finley)
Michelson (written) kindī´ᵋiwaⁿ golden eagle eagle
Largillier (written) Nit8capikinan I softly do something by hand to a stringlike object j attache foiblement, je lasche