Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
Michelson (written) mīlī́lᴀn I give to you I give you
Michelson (written) mīlīlṓ Give to me! Give thou me!
Michelson (written) mīlīkṓ Give (pl.) to me! Give ye me!
Michelson (written) mīlītᵃ‘ he gives to me he gives me
Michelson (written) nimīlikwa‘ he gives to me he gives me
Michelson (written) mīlātciki they give him they gave me (= they who give him)
Michelson (written) ‘ätcipúñgwiya‘ snapping turtle snaping turtle
Michelson (written) ‘ᴀ‘sä′nāⁿ stone stone
Michelson (written) ‘ᴀ‘sänāⁿkí stone
Michelson (written) kāwu‛sänā′ⁿ sandstone sandstone
Michelson (written) ci‛kī′wi‛ earth
Michelson (written) ma‛kwá‛ bear
Michelson (written) ma‛kū′nzaⁿ little bear
Michelson (written) nᴀlauwᴀ‛ki pīⁿžī′wa‛ wild cat wild cat
Michelson (written) piⁿjī′wᵃ‛ wild cat [ck: see line 1 note: French j = z in azure = ž]