Document Target Text Target English Gloss Text Modern Speech
LeBoullenger (written) 8icapa pieces of basswood inner bark bois blanc wiikapa
LeBoullenger (written) 8icapi basswood inner bark bois blanc wiikapi
LeBoullenger (written) 8iscapi basswood bark bois blanc wiikapi
Heckewelder (written) wikiami house, lodge, wickiup a house wiikiaami
LeBoullenger (written) 8ikiaminki in the house dans La maison wiikiaaminki
Largillier (written) 8ikinti8ni marriage mariage wiikintioni
LeBoullenger (written) 8ikinti8ni marriage marriage wiikintioni
LeBoullenger (written) 8irin8si8a meadowlark caille wiilinwiihsia
LeBoullenger (written) 8ina nut meats Le dedans des noix noix cassées wiina
LeBoullenger (written) 8inahama8icane you must crack some nuts for me (by tool) [casse des noix] wiinahamawiihkaani
LeBoullenger (written) 8inississia onion oignon wiinihsihsia
LeBoullenger (written) [8inississi]8a onion oignon wiinihsihsia
LeBoullenger (written) [8inississia]ki onions pl. wiinihsihsiaki
LeBoullenger (written) 8inissen8i it (tree) does not produce nuts, fruit arbre sterile wiinihsiinwi
LeBoullenger (written) 8inic8re8a yellow-shafted flicker epervier wiinikolia