Name Translation Part of Speech
wiihsaki miimi- Mourning dove (Zenaida marcroura)
wiihsakihšin- be in great pain
wiihsakihtawaci- have one's ears hurt from cold
wiihsakiinkweewaci- have a one's face be painfully cold
wiihsakim- speak bitterly to him, shock him with words
wiihsakinihkiiwaci- have one's hands hurt from cold
wiihsat- there is a lot of it v.inan.intran
wiihsikaan- Tomb, grave house n.inan
wiihsini- Eat
wiihsinikaan- Dining room n.inan
wiihsinkwaamikaan- Dorm n.inan
wiihsohkaw- go with many of them
wiihsopiikolee- have a lot of water in one's nose
wiihswakintee- It is expensive, high priced v.inan.intran
wiikap- basswood inner bark n.inan