Name Translation Part of Speech
weeweepinam- rock it, swing it v.tran.inan
weeweešii- get dressed, put on stockings
weeweešiih- put stockings on him, dress him
weeyaakahaakan- Spoon for cooking or stirring (generic) n.inan
wehkaapantani- It looks new v.inan.intran
welaahkonam- fold it, as clothing or skins v.tran.inan
welaak- make a bet
welaalaansam- Color it, make it a color v.tran.inan
welaantawee- Climb (as in a ladder, tree, fence)
welaapinti- pull a bowstring
welaapoohkii- Prepare a liquid mixture
welahkihtoo- clear it (a place), make a place clean v.tran.inan
welahs- Put him away, bury him
welahtoo- Put in its place, put away v.tran.inan
weleeli- begin to dance