Name Translation Part of Speech
wešihwi- paint one's face
wešikii- Build a house, pitch a tent
wihkiikin- be new clothing v.inan.intran
wihkiinaakwat- It is new v.inan.intran
wihkweeliihsi- Bat (animal)
wiicihsaam- have him/her as a sibling
wiicihsaantion- brothers and sisters, children of the same parents n.inan
wiicihsaantioni brotherhood n.inan
wiicihseehki- collect firewood with someone
wiicihseehkim- collect firewood with him
wiiciilam- help him
wiiciilantii- Help each other
wiiciilwee- help
wiicikaa- Dance in a group, crowd
wiicikaam- Dance with him