Name Translation Part of Speech
amaamaayomaa- have eyebrows
aayohoowi- Iowa person
wašoon- Otoe person
caaht- Choctaw person
elaacimwi- tell so, report so
ciilaten- it is very cold v.inan.intran
nepwaalawatam- be wise about it, knowledgeable about it v.tran.inan
šoošookwalalaakan- Kentucky Coffee Tree bean
meehtitee- It is finished cooking v.inan.intran
tahkaahsitaakan- (electric) fan n.inan
moohkihsee- it comes to the surface quickly v.inan.intran
melihtikw- Snot, mucus
meehtaaha less quant
kihc- Near, close to adv
pipyaaw- alongside, by adv