Name Translation Part of Speech
wiipinkwee- It is gray v.inan.intran
wiipinkweekin- It is gray cloth, paper v.inan.intran
wiišaapahtoo- Run fast
wiiših- Paint on his face
wiišihwi- Paint on one's own face
wiišiinkweeh- Draw, paint an image of his face
wiitahoko- go along by boat, swim with
wiitahokom- go in a boat with, swim with
wiitapim- Sit by him, ride with him
wiitee- Accompany, go together, go along with
wiiteem- Accompany him, go with him
wiitohseem- Walk with him
wiiwahol- wrap him, bandage him, apply medicine to him
wiiwahosi- be wrapped, bandaged, swaddled
wiiwaš- Saddle, pack n.inan