Name Translation Part of Speech
naayohkaa- It is broken, cracked v.inan.intran
neehpikahtee- It has red spots v.inan.intran
niilwi Until, up to a time adv
niimikaan- A dance n.inan
aalhšikaan- room, chamber n.inan
looskitee- It is cooked tender v.inan.intran
mintokisi- To be proud
misi Everywhere, whole, entire adv
soonkaci- To be freezing
miilosihkwaakan- A joke n.inan
miisiikaan- Outhouse n.inan
waahsipikihki- To be bald
waakal- It is oval-shaped v.inan.intran
moohšihtoo- Sense it, feel apprehensive about it, suspicious of it
moošam- To cut it (hair) v.tran.inan