Name Translation Part of Speech
wiihswakintee- It is expensive, high priced v.inan.intran
wiinkimyaakan- It smells good v.inan.intran
wiipinkwee- It is gray v.inan.intran
wiipinkweekin- It is gray cloth, paper v.inan.intran
aacim- Talk about him, say things about him
aahkohkim- Command him, be in charge of, give him direction
aahkom- Speak angrily to him, speak to him in an angry voice
aahkosih- Make him angry, mad
aahkwaapahw- Make him dream, cause him to dream
aahkwaapawaal- Dream of him
aalom- Refuse him, reject him
kiihkikaateešw- Cut off, amputate his foot
aapool- Bring him back
aašawil- Barter, trade (something) with him
aašitehkaw- Meet him, met him