Name Translation Part of Speech
-tehs- spleen
-tehtolen- Hat n.inan.dep
-teli- Shoulder
-tentalem- one's goods, possessions, things n.inan.dep
-toon- mouth, lips n.inan.dep
-toontan- Heel n.inan.dep
-wiinsoon- Name, clan n.inan.dep
-wiitikihkw- brother-in-law or sister-in-law, when married to two sisters or two brothers
-wiiw- Wife
aacim- Talk about him, say things about him
aacimoh- tell about him
aacimolihs- announce to him, report to him
aacimon- Speaker, presenter
aacimoon- historical narrative n.inan
aacimw- Council person, elected tribal official