Name Translation Part of Speech
-dvn at a place, at a time, during, when Unkwn
-t'i have, own, pertain to v.intran.impf
-tas cutting verbs STEM
'a' 'vsh-t'i getting married(to a wife) v.tran.impf
'aa-du' now, soon, just now, finally adv
'aa-k'wishlh-'e chiton noun
'aa-nii-t'e the way you are v.intran.impf
'Ee-ghii-'i looking out of/outwards v.intran.impf
'Ee-naa-svt Village at Crook Point, OR noun
'En-may Mt. Emily noun
'En-may-xuu-che' Emily Creek near Mt. Emily noun
'ii yes adv
'ii-'e which noun
'ii-'ee-la which one int
'ii-nvlh to rattle [?] v.tran.impf