Name Translation Part of Speech
mak̇aowaƞc̄a ok̄iċize war throughout the world, "world war," (BSC, 2022) intonation: maK̇Aowaƞc̄a oK̄Iċize hokahe
mak̇oċe waṡt̄e 1. heaven, "good earth" (non-Lak̇ot̄a thought, Christian concept) (VTA, 2022) 2. a place of no suffering, clear water, no physical pain (BSC, 2022) hokahe
mihasaƞni the other part of me, used by men and women, term of endearment (VTA, 2022) intonation: miHAsaƞni hokahe
ċaƞotila literal: "they live in the woods," small spirits, can be mischievous (VTA, HTA, 2022) can be helpers, can be a part of families (VTA, 2022) N
oḣ'aƞ ṡic̄a bad character, "no good," oḣ'aƞ refers to behavior, deeds, habits, integrity (BSC, VTA, HTA, 2022) like someone who tries to fight when losing a game (VTA, 2022) intonation: OḢ'aƞ ṠIc̄A V
oċaƞze wak̇aƞla someone who is easy to anger intonation: oĊAŊze waK̇AŊla (VTA, 2022) hokahe
oċaƞze ok̇aƞla short tempered, easy to get mad, gets mad easy, ok̇aƞla- meaning "easy," (BSC, HTA, 2022) hokahe
mniyaṡp̄uya "the water makes him/her/them itch," euphemism for someone being impatient, (VTA, 2022) intonation: mniYAṡp̄uya, term from Margaret Brings Horses/Taken Alive calling her son that hokahe
smi peeling it off the bone, like you have a rack of ribs and take all the meat and fat off the bone, sucking it or biting it down to the bone (VTA, BSC, HTA, 2022) hokahe
iyIyeċec̄a coerce someone into something (HTA, BSC, VTA, 2022) instilling in someone to be courageous (BSC, 2022) hokahe
owak̇aƞk̇aƞ lie hokahe
amayaċaƞzeka a.... hokahe
wauƞṡila a... hokahe
yuṡna a... hokahe
ok̄aḣniġA a... hokahe