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Common Name:  
Myaamia Name:  
No Myaamia Name
Medicinal, Material, Technology
Harvest Seasons:  
Winter, NA
Conifer Shrubland and Forest, Deciduous Swamp no coniferous domts.
Geboe Property
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Myaamia Archival Sources  
Reference Source Reference Type Archival Data Comments
Anonymous 1724 Use - Medicinal  root boiled and used to draw out objects in wounds. "For wounds and for to draw out that which is in the wound musket ballor other thing; it is necessary toboil the root of a certain reed which bears distaffs. I have seen the test of this remedy"
Throwbridge, C.C 1938 Use - Material  Shopekenauminkee is a game played with a hundred pieces of small reed or cane about a foot in length. The players take turns taking the bunch of reeds between their hands and letting them drop end-wise upon the bark board where they play; trying to drop them so that five pieces; corresponding to the head and limbs; fall together.
Pease, Theodore Calvin and Raymond C. Werner 1934 Use - Technology  they used a bundle of round reeds for kindling to start a fire; with two bits of wood for striking the flame; for cooking their meat
Gravier, J. ca. 1700 Use - Technology  little reeds probably used in making some type of arrow shaft. "atchihar8"
Botanical Sources  
No sources entered.
Related Sources  
Reference Source Notes Data Comments
McCafferty, Michael 2004   The ar8 ending -arwa; arwi; alwi is usually seen with the names of types of arrows e.g. ahtawaanhsalwi; pointed wooden arrow and also appears on some plant names that probably all have to do with arrow production e.g. Gatschets napahalwi; ash tree; and Illinois/Peoria iihkalwi; dogwood. Therefore; the word atchihar8 is a plural noun for some type of reed having to do with arrow production