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Morchella esculenta & spp.

Scientific Name:  
Morchella esculenta & spp.
Common Name:  
Myaamia Name:  
Harvest Seasons:  
Conifer Shrubland and Forest, Conifer Swamp some deciduous domts.
Liebert Property
Growth Forms:  

Myaamia Archival Sources  
Morchella esculenta & spp.
Reference Source Reference Type Archival Data Comments
No Reference Specified Horticultural Info  The Miami term
Dunn, J.P. Circa 1900 Use - Food  prepared by soaking in salt water for a few minutes; shaking out the bugs; then cooked--always cook the wild variety
No Reference Specified Use - Food  gathered and cooked.
McCord, P. (Geboe) 2004, June 5 Use - Food  gathered for cooking and eating.
Shoemaker, G. 2004, May 28 Use - Food  hunted; gathered and eaten. Right time of year to collect is when the lilacs are in bud
No Reference Specified Use - Food  morels gathered.
Olds, Julie, Olds, Dustin and Dani Tippman 1999 Use - Food  When the mayapple plant umbrellas; winter is over and the mushrooms are out; when wild plum trees bloom its the time to start looking for morels; generally found in damp; shady places
Gatschet, A.S. ca. 1895 Use - Food  When the lilac flowers are in bud; thats when to hunt morels; around late April/May depending on weather and rain; favorite spots were old elm tree bark lying on ground; once found a whole row of them growing up in a seam of two old cement slabs from an old house in woods--a perfect row of morels; yellow; spear-shaped
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Morchella esculenta & spp.
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Morchella esculenta & spp.
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