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white spruce

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white spruce
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Kinietz, V. 1938 Use - Technology 

Used for camoflage during attack: "Upon arriving near the Iroquois encampment the spies gave her [a Miami woman who lived in the village on the Great Miami, after the village having been attacked by the Iroquois, had a dream in which the Miami were to pursue the Iroquois, recover their imprisoned people and kill every one of their opponents. She organized the retaliation and since was considered a woman of great bravery] information of the fact, and she caused every one to pull a piece of spruce or pine from the trees, and with these before them they approached the camp. They fell suddenly upon the sleeping Iroquois and her prediction was literally fulfilled".

Botanical Sources  
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Gleason, H.A. and Cronquist, A. 1991 Habitat 

Black spruce, P. mariana, occurs mostly in bogs in eastern Myaamia lands. It is more likely that these entries are referring to P. glauca, the more common spruce that is found in rich, moist soils of coniferous forests in northernly eastern Myaamia lands. 

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Blair, E 1911  

Algonquian villages celebrate a fest of the dead, where they dance in a large cabin, around spruce-trees or three cornstalks.