Species Detail

Nelumbo lutea Willd. Pers.
American lotus; water chinquapin

Scientific Name:  
Nelumbo lutea Willd. Pers.
Common Name:  
American lotus; water chinquapin
Myaamia Name:  
Harvest Seasons:  
Fall, Spring
Wet Prairie grasslands with flooding
Growth Forms:  
Herb, Wild

Myaamia Archival Sources  
Nelumbo lutea Willd. Pers.
Reference Source Reference Type Archival Data Comments
Deliette, L. 1702 Description 
Dunn, J.P. 1919 Description 
Blair, E 1911 Description  Occurs in quiet waters in streams; floodplains and ponds
Deliette, L. 1702 Use - Food  root eaten and seeds made to make soup.
Blair, E 1911 Use - Food  roots cooked and eaten.
Bussard, H 1960 Use - Food 
Throwbridge, C.C 1938 Use - Food  Gatschet also listed part of a Miami term
Dunn, J.P. Circa 1900 Use - Food  Gravier listed the Miami-Illinois terms;
Botanical Sources  
Nelumbo lutea Willd. Pers.
Reference Source Notes Data Comments
Gleason, H.A. & Cronquist, A. 1991  
Dunn, J.P. 1919   roots cooked;
Related Sources  
Nelumbo lutea Willd. Pers.
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