Species Detail

Phallus impudicus
Stink-horn fungus

Scientific Name:  
Phallus impudicus
Common Name:  
Stink-horn fungus
Myaamia Name:  
weempa awiilakayi
Harvest Seasons:  
Beech-Maple Forest, Oak Forest including Oak-Hickory, Beech-Oak-Maple Mixed Mesophytic
Growth Forms:  
Herb, Wild

Myaamia Archival Sources  
Phallus impudicus
Reference Source Reference Type Archival Data Comments
Dunn, J.P. Circa 1900 Use - Unknown  "wamba wilakai; mushroom; the large stink-horn phallas; i.e. wambas penis; wamba is a mythical wild man; very tall; who lives in the woods
Botanical Sources  
Phallus impudicus
No sources entered.
Related Sources  
Phallus impudicus
Reference Source Notes Data Comments
Money, Nicholas P 2002   The latin name means "shameless penis"; and are also known as stinkhorns; create a smell of rotting flesh with a " hint of sweetness too." The spores are produced on the receptacle and embedded in a slime that contains a number of volatile chemicals including hydrogen sulfide; formaldehyde; methylmercaptan; and phallic acids; together producing the smell of rotting flesh to attract flies which will disperse the spores