wiicikiim- (v.tran.an) Live with him, dwell with him

Basic Forms
Myaamia English
weecikiimaki I live with him/her
weecikiimilaani I live with you
weecikiimiyani you live with me
weecikiimaci you live with him/her
weecikiimici he/she lives with me
weecikiimihki he/she lives with you
weecikiimaaci he/she lives with him/her

Command Forms
Myaamia English
wiicikiimi you live with him/her!
wiicikiimilo you live with me!
wiicikiimiko you (pl.) live with me!
wiicikiimaataawi let's live with him/her!

Example Sentences
Myaamia English
ooneeki weecikiimakiki these are the ones I live with (this is my family)

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