ahtoo- (It verb) Have it, put it

Basic Forms
Myaamia English
eehtwaani I have it, put it
eehtwaanki we (excl.) have it, put it
eehtooyankwi we (incl.) have it, put it
eehtooyani you have it, put it
eehtooyiikwi you (pl.) have it, put it
eehtooki he / she has it, puts it
eehtoowaaci they have it, put it

Command Forms
Myaamia English
ahtoolo you put it!
ahtooko you (pl.) put it!
ahtootaawi let's put it!

Example Sentences
Myaamia English
eehtwaani waapahaakani I have soap
eehtwaani kisaapiteehaakani I have a toothbrush
aapwe ahtoolo waapahaakani Put the soap back
mataathswi eehtwaani I have ten
taaninhswi eehtooyani How many do you have?
taaninhswi eehtooyiikwi How many do you all have?
nkoti eehtwaani I have one
nkoti eehtwaanki We (excl.) have one
moohci kiikoo eehtwaani I have nothing
alaakanenki ahtoolo Put it in the bowl!
ahtoohsoolo Don't put it!
wiihsa ahsiimina eehtoolici oohkomali His/her grandmother has many paw paws

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