wiintam- (v.tran.inan) Call it, read it, name it

Basic Forms
Myaamia English
weentamaani I read it
weentamaanki we (excl.) read it
weentamankwi we (incl.) read it
weentamani you read it
weentameekwi you (pl.) read it
weentanki he/she reads it

Command Forms
Myaamia English
wiintanto you read it!
wiintamooko you (pl.) read it!
wiintantaawi let's read it!

Example Sentences
Myaamia English
weentamaani wiintaakani I am reading a book
wiintanto wiintaakani You read a book!
wiintansiiwaani iiniini wiintaakani I have not read that book

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