nepwaam- ( Teach him

Basic Forms
Myaamia English
neepwaamaci you teach him / her
neepwaamici he / she teaches me
neepwaamihki he / she teaches you
neepwaamaaci he / she teaches him / her
neepwaamaki I teach him / her
neepwaamilaani me teach you
neepwaamiyani you teach me

Command Forms
Myaamia English
nipwaami you teach him / her!
nipwaamilo you teach me!
nipwaamiko you (pl.) teach me!
nipwaamaataawi let's teach him / her!

Example Sentences
Myaamia English
keetwi neepwaamilenki noonki kaahkiihkwe What did you learn today?
keetwi neepwaamilenaakwi noonki kaahkiihkwe What did you (pl.) learn today?
eekami waapanki neepwaaminki I go to school every day
keetwi nipwaamilenki nipwaantiikaaninki noonki kaahkiihkwe what did you learn in school today?
neepwaaminki akincikonki I am learning math
neepwaaminki kiinteelintaakana I am learning about computers
neepwaaminta Student
neepwaaminciki Students
neepwaaminki seenseewiaani I was taught to play the bowl game

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