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Beech-Oak-Maple Mixed Mesophytic, Dry Prairie grasslands, Wet Prairie grasslands with flooding, Conifer Shrubland and Forest, Conifer Swamp some deciduous domts., Deciduous Swamp no coniferous domts.

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Myaamia Archival Sources  
Reference Source Reference Type Archival Data Comments
Rafert, S. 1992 No Reference Specified

A tea is made from root or flowers for "chills and fevers", poultices made for cuts.


Anonymous 1724 No Reference Specified

"The herb of a thousand leaves for all sorts of cuts".

One of Achillea millefolium's names in antiquity was 'thousand leaf', as the Latin specific epiphet denotes. The author is describing tribal customs from the upper Midwest, probably including some of the Miami-Illlinois tribal groups. – Michael Gonella
Gonella, M.P 2003-2006 No Reference Specified

Leaves washed, mashed and placed in cuts and wounds.

Botanical Sources  
Reference Source Reference Type Data Comments
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Plant Database 2006 Habitat 

Common yarrow is found throughout North America, including eastern and western Myaamia lands.

Related Sources  
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Gonella, M.P 2003-2006  

Eugene Brown remembers being with a Potawatomi medicine man, John Moore, who showed him the yarrow plant who said if you are having trouble with bad dreams/evil spirits you hang this plant upside down around the outside of the house to keep them away.