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raccoon grapes

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raccoon grapes
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Summer, Fall
Beech-Maple Forest, Oak Forest including Oak-Hickory, Beech-Oak-Maple Mixed Mesophytic, Deciduous Swamp no coniferous domts.

Myaamia Archival Sources  
Reference Source Reference Type Archival Data Comments
Gatschet, A.S. ca. 1895 Related Info 

coon grape

Gleason, H.A. and Cronquist, A. 1991 Habitat 

Occurring along rivers and in alluvial woods in eastern and western Myaamia lands. 

Steyermark, J.A. 1963 Description 

A vine with grape-like leaves that is often mistaken for true grapes, which has berries that turn from green to shades of orange, rose, purple and finally turquoise, and is thus very ornamental. It is also a high climbing vine, growing up and covering the tops of the tallest trees in undisturbed forests.

Botanical Sources  
No sources entered.
Related Sources  
Reference Source Reference Type Data Comments
Gonella, M.P 2003-2006  

'Leaf berries' could indicate that this plant has leaves similar in morpohology to the true grape vine.

Dunn, J.P. ca. 1900  

"tcĭpákamína", a Peoria word meaning "coon grapes"