Species Detail

Oxalis spp. L.
Wood sorrel

Scientific Name:  
Oxalis spp. L.
Common Name:  
Wood sorrel
Myaamia Name:  
Harvest Seasons:  
Fall, Spring
Oak Forest including Oak-Hickory, Beech-Oak-Maple Mixed Mesophytic, Dry Prairie grasslands, Wet Prairie grasslands with flooding, Conifer Shrubland and Forest, Human-Disturbed Areas
Growth Forms:  
Tree, Vine

Myaamia Archival Sources  
Oxalis spp. L.
Reference Source Reference Type Archival Data Comments
Small, J.K. 1903 Description  Oxalis acetosella is the only wood sorrel mentioned in Small; yet there are five other Oxalis species that were present in the area at that time.
Dunn, J.P. Circa 1900 Use - Unknown  "wikapipikwi; . . . a weed called sheep-sour; leaves like clover; white people make pies of it"
Baldwin, D 2003-2005 Use - Food  eaten while hunting to keep hunger at bay
Botanical Sources  
Oxalis spp. L.
Reference Source Notes Data Comments
Gleason, H.A. & Cronquist, A. 1991   Occurs in various habitats; often as a weed. Both native and non-native species
Related Sources  
Oxalis spp. L.
Reference Source Notes Data Comments
Bush, L. L 1996   Human charred remains of Oxalis sp. were recovered at an early Miami Village Site at the forks of the Wabash River (Ft Wayne), 1795-1812 (Ehler Site).