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hop-tree, wafer-ash

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hop-tree, wafer-ash
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Myaamia Archival Sources  
Reference Source Reference Type Archival Data Comments
Gatschet, A.S. ca. 1895 Use - Medicinal 

The root is used to reduce bile and regulate the liver functioning.  "kinoⁿzawiáxkwi, a medicinal bush growing on the Peoria reservation, six to seven feet high and popularly called wohu, wahoo. The root reduces bile, regulates the system and is good against biliousness [a dysfunctionally excessive secretion of bile]", "panther bush".

Dunn, J.P. ca. 1900 Use - Medicinal 

"kinózawĭákwĭ, decoction of, used for malaria"

Botanical Sources  
Reference Source Reference Type Data Comments
Gleason, H.A. and Cronquist, A. 1991 Habitat 

Occurs in rich woods and thickets in eastern and western Myaamia lands

Related Sources  
Reference Source Reference Type Data Comments
Dunn, J.P. 1908  

This tree also known as shrubby treefoil or water ash [although this is the common name for Fraxinus caroliniana, a different genus and species].