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Quercus rubra L.
red oak

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Quercus rubra L.
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red oak
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Myaamia Archival Sources  
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Gardner, P.S. 1997 Horticultural Info 

Oak and hickory nuts are available in the fall and have irregular peak mast harvest, separated by a range of 1-4 years. This means that oak and hickory peak masts are irregular, but variation in yields in consistent from year to year, thus enabling Native Americans to plan for taking advantage of peak masts. The largest masts occur when tree crowns are exposed to maximum sun--Native Americans could also have easily thinned trees to increase size and production of remaining trees.

Dunn, J.P. ca. 1900 Related Info 

"mamhkatĭakatwĭ used for red and blackjack oak"

Botanical Sources  
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Gleason, H.A. and Cronquist, A. 1991 Habitat

Occurs in various types of woods.

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Gatschet, A.S. ca. 1895  

The Miami-Illinois term for the acorn nut is alakaya.