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Lamb, E.W., Shultz, L.W. 1964 Use - Medicinal 

Wild grapes are dried and used for boils and skin disorders.

Gravier, J. ca. 1700 Use - Food 

"I pick grapes/I remove the skin from grapes".

Thwaites, R.G. (ed.) 1966 Use - Food 

Wild grapes gathered and preserved.

Dunn, J.P. 1908 Use - Technology 

Grape vines are used to make fish weirs. Gabriel Godfroy said that the Miamis used not nets or seines for fishing, but used spears, bows and arrows instead, and sometimes used movable weirs made of "wattled brush" and grape vines when fishing in a party, which they would force the fish to the shore.

Tippman, D. 1999 Use - Food 

Wild grapes gathered and eaten. "Made some beer . . . Not much luck with wine, though".

Gonella, M.P 2003-2006 Use - Food 

Wild grapes gathered and used to make grape cobbler: "possum [coon] grapes were gathered growing up in trees for making grape cobbler, layered thick in a big rectangular pan".


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