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box elder

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box elder
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Beech-Maple Forest, Oak Forest including Oak-Hickory, Beech-Oak-Maple Mixed Mesophytic, Human-Disturbed Areas

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Myaamia Archival Sources  
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Gatschet, A.S. ca. 1895 Use - Medicinal 

"A decoction was made from it by these [Myaamia] Indians."

Gatschet, A.S. ca. 1895 Use - Food 

Box elder (shishikwä́ksi) makes poor sugar.

Gleason, H.A. and Cronquist, A. 1991 Habitat 

Occurs on moist, especially alluvial soils throughout eastern and western Myaamia lands

Rafert, S. 1989 Use - Medicinal 

A medicinal plant, not used by Lamoine or others he knew, but talked about. "Used in the case of wounds, or something like that".

Anonymous 1724 Use - Medicinal 

"The root and bark of elder for a person falling in his limbs; it is necessary to boil it and to put it in a little bit of soup, drinking about a pint" ("De la racine et Ecois de Sureau pour une personae perelus de ses members, il faut la faire bouiller et y mettre un peu de potage, en boire environ chopine").

This source describes indigenous customs from upper Midwest, probably including some of the Miami-Illlinois tribal groups. – Michael Gonella
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