Name Translation Part of Speech
žųwáhĄ 1 to become uprooted, as a tooth out of its socket, post out of the ground 2 to have its roots loose in the ground Impersonal verb
žužúwahĄ 1 to be all apart, fallen to pieces, come apart, as a house 2 to become loose Stative verb
žųžų́wahą; žųwahąhą to be uprooted, lying uprooted None
ʾé ʾé instead, but, expressing the speaker's indifference whether one or the other is preferable None
a 1. armpit (IU) 2. space between the forelegs of animals (IU) N
abek̄iya scattered, in all directions, separately (IU) Adverb
ṡk̄aƞṡk̄aƞ waƞyank̄ap̄i television (Something moving they see) (GD, RSS, 2022) hokahe
ho he niye "thank you," acknowledging someone who gave you something i.e. like a bottle of water. (MUA, VTA, WOF, 2022) hokahe
ċaƞṡi haƞp̄a rubber shoe (ċuƞṡi-gum) RSS, GD, MUA hokahe