Name Translation Part of Speech
žųwáhĄ 1 to become uprooted, as a tooth out of its socket, post out of the ground 2 to have its roots loose in the ground Impersonal verb
zuyá to go to war, be on a war party, lead out a war party Intransitive verb
zuzéca snake Noun
zuzéca otʿí snake hole. Noun
zuzéca-tʿawote wolf berry, buckbrush, buckbush (Symphoricarpos occidentalis) None
zuzécatʿawote wolf berry, buckbrush, buckbush (Symphoricarpos occidentalis) Noun
žužúwahĄ 1 to be all apart, fallen to pieces, come apart, as a house 2 to become loose Stative verb
žųžų́wahą; žųwahąhą to be uprooted, lying uprooted None
ʾé ʾé instead, but, expressing the speaker's indifference whether one or the other is preferable None