Name Translation Part of Speech
aacimw- Council person, elected tribal official
aacimwaapii- Talk on the phone, be on the internet
aacimwahki land of stories n.inan
aacimweekaan- Council House n.inan
aacimwi- Hold council, have a council meeting, relate a story
aacimwihtaw- Advise him, speak to him about it
aacimwion- news v.inan.intran
aahkohkaa- Exercise
aahkohkeelintam- Care for it, pay attention to it v.tran.inan
aahkohkeelintii- Care for each other
aahkohkim- Command him, be in charge of, give him direction
aahkohkinki- Boss, supervisor
aahkohkinkii- Be in charge
aahkol- Smoke n.inan
aahkoleeki šoohkwaakan- Train n.inan