Name Translation Part of Speech
ahkaapat- It is easy v.inan.intran
aahsantee- It is sunny, the sun shines v.inan.intran
aahtee- It goes out (of a fire or light) v.inan.intran
aalahkwat- It is cloudy v.inan.intran
aalimat- It is difficult v.inan.intran
alaakwi- It is evening v.inan.intran
alaamweekaneewi- It is the truth, it is correct v.inan.intran
anseensee- It is bright green v.inan.intran
anseenseekin- It is bright green cloth, paper v.inan.intran
apikamitee- It is warm liquid, soup, broth v.inan.intran
awipitee- It is warm v.inan.intran
awan- It is foggy v.inan.intran
ciilahki- It is dense thicket, underbrush v.inan.intran
ciilitee- It is very hot weather v.inan.intran
ahkapakintee- It is cheap v.inan.intran