ILDA - Prospective Users

The Indigenous Languages Digital Archive (ILDA) is a web based software suite designed specifically to support tribal efforts in archives-based language revitalization. ILDA allows user communities to organize, store, retrieve, and analyze their digitized language materials for the purpose of informing tribal language revitalization and educational efforts.

ILDA acts as an interactive repository of written and audio materials of an Indigneous language. By pairing images and sound files of original documentation alongside user transcriptions, ILDA creates a searchable database which serves as a conduit between the archival materials and use in language revitalization. The software is built around its powerful search function and offers multi-dialect support, meta-data tagging, and the ability to display linguistic analysis.

As a research tool, ILDA is intended to serve the needs of language and cultural teachers, linguists and others in the community as they access archives to inform their language and cultural revitalization. To aid everyday language users, ILDA includes an online Dictionary platform with an accompanying app for Android and iOS devices. The Dictionary shares data with its associated language archive allowing it to import words and phrases from the archive directly into the Dictionary for immediate use language revitalization.

Currently, ILDA is in a limited release while it’s undergoing development for broad dissemination. If you are interested in using ILDA for your language, please contact us at for more information.