National Breath of Life Self-Directed Training

Welcome to the National Breath of Life Self-directed Training series! We are currently adapting and expanding much of our Module 1 workshop content into a series of self-directed online trainings that you can complete from the comfort of your home. The first course of the series, Linguistics for Archives-Based Language Revitalization, is now live and can be accessed by following the instructions below. In this course, you will learn the basics of linguistics as it applies to language revitalization and the interpretation of archival materials. The course is separated into two chapters, the first teaching about human speech sounds and writing systems and the second focused on how to analyze, interpret, and create words and sentences.

The National BoL Self-Directed training program is hosted on the EdApp platform. To enroll and get started click on the Sign Up button below to open EdApp. Next, enter your email address and enter NBOL2023 as the invite code. You will then be asked for some basic information to finalize the creation of your account. After completing the registration, you can enroll in and complete the courses at your own pace. While the courses were designed sequentially, you can feel free to jump ahead depending on your interests and existing knowledge.