Name Translation Part of Speech
malotakaham- play the straw game v.tran.inan
noonahiko- to pump breastmilk
mahtohkatoopow- Cracked hominy soup n.inan
elini- Be born
šaakwiteehee- Have a broken heart
naanoohkite More and more adv
inko (Future negative) part
waapikamii- It is clear water, white water; White River West Fork v.inan.intran
pehcišileni- make a mistake, act in error
pemahwi- paddle a canoe
antopali- Go on the war-path, go to war
šiinšiiwahwi- Paddle strongly
kišaapihkaahkotee- It is hot v.inan.intran
kišaawaahki- It is hot weather v.inan.intran
pilow- Far away adv